Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reason #1 Casey Pierro-Zabotel Sucks: He's a Bad Interview

Pierro-Zabotel is on the left wearing what appears to be a hood ornament off of some sort of 1970's Eastern European car.

As many people already know, I have a wager with the World's Smallest Person aka Little Miss Shoebox aka The Michigan Tech Stalker aka Foxton's Secret Lover aka MeanEgirl. The last time I made a bet with her, I lost. I believe the main reason this occurred was because I didn't talk enough crap. I will not make that same mistake again and am now instituting what I hope will become a frequent theme to this blog, reasons why Casey Pierro-Zabotel Sucks. Now sure I could go with the obvious of the fact that he's attending Michigan Tech University, but what fun is that? That would be way too easy, much like your average SCSU cheerleader.

So let's kick this off in grand fashion. If you scroll down a bit here you'll see an interview with the hyphenated one. Halfway through this interview, you can just tell he has the presence of a tree stump. He's lobbed complete softballs for this interview yet he still stumbles like a drunken lemur trying to climb a tree. "The more I play, the better I play.....I think." Wow, that was simply brilliant. Look out world, I think we've got a Rhodes Scholar on our hands! Then again since Casey will never be interviewed by anyone of importance while playing in the wasteland that is Houghton, Michigan maybe it doesn't really matter that he couldn't construct a meaningful sentence even with the help of Tech's Nacho Treadmill.

Now if you look just below the link for Pierro-Zabotel's *ahem* "interview", you'll see a truly great interview, that of Brett Hextall. Now that is how you call an interview. Look at how Brett interacts with the interviewer. He makes eye contant, he responds without stammering, he just has a great on camera presence. Brett could certainly teach Casey a thing or two about it that's for sure. Of course Brett being the class act and wonderful interview that he is, had the smarts to commit to the University of North Dakota. I highly doubt this is just a coincidence.

If anyone has any other reasons why Casey Pierro-Zabotel sucks, I'm listening. I know there are millions of them, but even I can't think of them all.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I did what now?

This pretty much sums up how I feel about blogs. Yet I am still creating one and I'm not sure why. Maybe because I think it will result in me being discovered and given a multi-million dollar book deal. Maybe because I think it'll help me meet the ladies. Maybe I'm just doing it because I have nothing else to do in my life. Whatever the reason, I now have a blog I guess. I'll probably rarely post and eventually just give up on the whole thing because I'll realize it's way too much work to maintain and I am incredibly lazy. Whatever though. Enjoy it while it lasts or something.