Thursday, September 13, 2007

An Update? What the Hell?

So UND's roster has been updated and we now have pictures of all the players. How utterly exciting. This year is a bit disappointing though as the players are all just wearing the same Under Armor type shirt. Last year was much better as all the players wore suits. This was improved by the fact that some players seemed to forget their suits and had to share. In fact Robbie Bina and everyone's favorite All-American Golden Boy, The Oshie, enjoyed wearing the same suit so much that they got arrested together later in the year. That's true team unity.

I'll just cover the freshman as they deserve the most taunting because they are freshman.

Derrick LaPoint looks like a blonde haired Ferris Bueller. And why does he appear to be wearing a shirt under his shirt? That makes no sense. I attribute it to him being from Wisconsin.

Brent Davidson
appears to be gunning for Dan Kronick's coveted spot of fugliest WCHA player. He was a late signing and is a buddy of Chay "Don't call me Charles" Genoway (GEN-o-way (or is it JEN-o-way? Oh who the hell cares)) .

Evan Trupp
needs a haircut and appears to be growing some sort of peach fuzz mustache. Hmmm. Here's a tip Evan, when your grandma's mustache is more impressive, you really shouldn't have one.

Matt Frattin
.....Dude....wha? I did what last night? DUDE! No way. Man I was so high. I can't believe that cop. He was so awesome though.

Brad Malone
Looks like some sort of overgrown leprechaun. CPZ Look Out!! The Maloney Pony II is comin'! He's comin'!

Jake Marto Looks distinctly like Luke, a guy who had his couch burned at the old REA while students were waiting in line to get into a Gopher game.