Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I suck

So, just like I said would eventually happen, I haven't updated this thing for a month and a half. Hell, I didn't even update it for the Gopher series. I am an incredibly lazy person.

UND has totally sucked all year. Because of this I'm beginning to think I should cheer for another team. Not having one freaking entry in almost two months has given me plenty of time to think about what other team I could cheer for, but ultimately wouldn't for various reason not the least of which is that I don't want to have to buy a bunch more jerseys. Actually, I do want to buy a bunch more jerseys, but it's a good easy excuse.

I could go with Michigan Tech, but then MeanEgirl would yell at me because Tech would lose even more than they usually do since I'm supposedly a curse or something. I think the real problem is that the Huskies completely suck, but hey what do I know? If it's my fault, I guess it's my fault.

I could go with Mankato only because Chris Clark is awesome. Other than that though, it would be a horrible decision. Mankato is a horrible town and I hate it. The arena sucks. They wear purple. There is not one other positive when it comes to the Landcows. Speaking of Landcows, I demand I get more credit for coming up with this term. People who don't properly credit me, i.e. everyone, suck.

There's Duluth. They suck at hockey too though. Plus I'm not even close to a big enough drunk to be a Bullpup fan.

SCSU....yeah. Sure. Fuck that.

The next team on the list is Wisconsin. Since Wisconsin is in Wisconsin, it's a definite no. As a Badger fan, I'd likely have to meet some moronic Packer fans. That would drive me to suicide. While that may make a whole bunch of people, it would make me dead and I don't feel like being dead quite yet.

UAA is in Alaska. That's a long ways away. I don't want to have to take a plane trip to go to any road series. So no to that too. Plus Seawolves aren't real. That's gay. Maybe if they were real, I'd be more prone to cheer for them, but since they are faker than Jenna Jameson's tits, no way.

CC/Denver. I don't care what people say, they are the same school. Both suck. Next.

I did wear a Gopher jersey a couple weeks ago. It made many people mad or annoyed or ashamed or something. That's a major plus cause pissing people off is always fun. Plus Stu Bickel could teach me how to properly flick off the opposition. How awesome is that? Still though, it's Minnesota. That's a major negative. Minnesota is a way better state than Wisconsin, but Minnesota the school is just retarded. Screw them.

So ultimately, I can't change teams. Much to the joy of other teams' fans I am sure. UND is gonna play UNH this weekend and damnit, they are going to sweep. Mainly because I'm going to have to miss the Saturday game.