Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bitterness Thy Name is Dirty

So I did this stupid WCHA draft again this year. Luckily I weaseled RWD into hooking me up with all the work she did and thus my team won't suck as much this year. Unluckily, I got fucked in the last round. Greased up and fucked right up the poop shoot. Some retard who doesn't even understand hockey but joined this league anyways had someone else draft for him. This someone else picks Dillon Simpson the pick right before me. I was pissed. I am pissed. I will remain pissed. Fuck this game. I don't even know if I'll do anything this year. This is fucking bullshit.

On to my picks, of which I do not even care about any more. Fuck this. And fuck you. And you. And you. Fuck everyone.

Round 1: Kenny Reiter - UMD - G: There are only three decent goalies in the WCHA. Reiter is one of them. Since my team sucked last year I got the #3 pick, so I was able to take him. He'll probably suck now. Go me.

Round 2: Anthony Maiani - DU - F: The second year in a row I've taken Maiani in the second round. I immediately regretted this pick and still think I should've taken Jason Gregoire. He'll probably suck now. Go me.

Round 3: Matt Read - BSU - F: The best player for Bemidji State. Hopefully he won't totally suck now that he has to play good teams every weekend instead of twits from Bob Morris and Alabama. But he probably will. Go me.

Round 4: Ben Youds - MSUM - D: Yeah, whatever. He was pretty good on the PP last year, so I took him. Who cares? He will probably suck now. Go me.

I was pretty happy with my team right now. It was going pretty well and I didn't have to rely on all UND players since I didn't have any clue on what the hell to do.

Round 5: Ryan Lowery - CC - D: I don't know who this guy is. I really don't pay much attention to many players it seems. He appears good, but I have no idea. He will probably suck this year. Go me.

Round 6: Jacob Cepis - UM - F: Cepis an annoying little dick who can score points. He was pretty good once he was eligible to play. He'll probably be weighed down by the UofM crappiness that ruins all Gopher players though this year. I'm sure he will suck this year. Go me.

Round 7: Beau Bennett - DU - F: A supposedly awesome freshman. We'll see. I probably jinxed him and his kneecap will explode or something in November. Blah.

Round 8: Eric Olimb - UNO - D: Some Maverick guy who scored some points in the Cupcake Conference. Much like Read, he'll probably suck now that he has to play real teams.

Round 9: Stephen Schultz - CC - F: Another CC player who I have no idea about. Truthfully I don't even remember if he was my seventh pick. I don't remember any of my picks now. They all glob together like if you mixed several colors of PlayDoh. So maybe he wasn't my seventh pick. Whatever. He'll probably suck this year. Go me.

Round 10: John Faulkner - UNO - G: I needed a second goalie and this guy is UNO's starting goalie. This was a steal.

Round 11: Sam Zabkowicz - SCSU - D: I pretty much drafted all defensemen I know nothing about. So again, whatever.

Round 12: Drew Shore - DU - F
: A steal or something for this round. Kinda like Dillon Simpson would've been if I wasn't fucked out of him. Screw you all.

Round 13: Brock Nelson - UND - F: I needed a UND player and Nelson is going to be a stud. If I didn't jinx him. I hope I jinx Bennett and not Nelson because DU sucks.

Round 14: Luka Vidmar - UAA - D: If I know nothing about defensemen from real schools, I won't have a clue about a guy like this.

Round 15: Matt Ambroz - UNO - F: No idea again. I'm just making random picks now.

Round 16: Taylor Dickin - UND - F: This guy isn't coming until after Christmas and even then he probably won't even play. But who cares? I wanted Dillon Simpson. I am fucking pissed off. I should have gotten him. This fucking sucks. Fuck everyone.

I was very happy with this team until the last pick. It absolutely ruined the entire draft for me. I seriously do not care anymore now. I'll finish last and I don't care. I don't even want to do this anymore. So if someone else wants to take over this team, go for it.

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