Sunday, October 24, 2010

DJ Jazzy Josh

I don't typically delve into the realm of the Eletro music scene, but sometimes you just have to make an exception for those exceptional cases. The masked fellow you see in the photo is Jashko (Yash-ko). At least I think it's Jashko, I'm not totally sure. He may actually be a Mexican wrestler. Either way Jashko's real name is Josh Rosenholtz and he is Denver's third string goalie.

As far as I can figure, Rosie learned that he was not a very good goalie when he came to college. Due to this, he decided he needed to find other ways to fill his spare time. After stamp collecting and ship-in-a-bottle building failed, he discovered is that he could steal other people's music and screw it up. This is called plagiarism in literature, but evidently it's called Electro in music. Soon after he began plagiarizing, Jashko discovered he had a talent for stealing other people's work and started opening for other bands/acts. According to this nice article he was "sometimes playing in front of crowds as large as several thousand". In other words crowds larger than those that come to Magness Arena.

This summer Jashko was asked to join the Pioneers as shooting target. With this he can no longer focus on his soon to be fledgling music career and is instead having to focus more on trying to match his coach's dapper style while sitting in the press box or recently develop a technique to pull splinters out of his butt. Hopefully when MMFF gets two hat tricks this weekend, Jashko will make his way into the game and we can learn more about his awesome stylings.