Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goodbye Self Respect

So no bullcrap or introduction or anything, let's just jump right to it.

Remember when Gopher hockey players had self respect? They are obviously not dealing with failure very well. This video is just downright pathetic. Oh and the music sucks. What the hell is that? Just terrible. So let us break this steaming piece of rodent feces down. Actually before we do that, what game was this video done at? Or was it done at a game? You can't really tell by the number of fans in the stands. Anyone know the answer? Hmmm, anyways now let us break this steaming piece of rodent feces down.

First Segment: First of all I've never heard of three of these guys and the forth guy is taking over the Tony Lucia Scholarship where he's just on the team because his dad is a coach. So these guys score a goal, they pull the stationary Tiger Williams? Hmmm, that's pretty pathetic. They do throw in their own little touches though I guess. Nate Condon decides to rope a cow or something and looks like a genuine moron. But at least he's not Jared Larson who thinks he's driving a lowrider.

Second Segment: That's your celebration Mike Hoeffel? At least I've heard of you. That's the best thing I can say about your "celebration". What is it even? It's like he's trying to do the stationary one-armed Walk Like an Egyptian. Hey Mike, The Bangles say you suck. I agree. You should be stripped of your Assistant Captaincy for this.

Third Segment: This isn't Guitar Hero, boys. Also you are doing your windmills backwards, morons. Or you aren't, but that doesn't matter. You're not Pete Townshend, stop it. You are a terrible dancer Joe Miller. You have puffy strange hair Jacob Cepis. Jake Hansen, I don't care about you.

If you are the Minnesota Spirit Initiative, it is no wonder the school and it's students have none. What a pathetic display. It makes me sad.

Last but not least:

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vizoroo said...

Gophers better go back in their hole. Pitiful, just plain pitiful.

Fire Helmet Guy #26 said...

Speaking of goodbye self respect, what the heck happened to Brad Miller Time this season? It's HORRIBLE!!! The one this week with Mario and the roomies getting their pictures taken with each other on the about a bunch of fruits!!! :D

RedWings Tickets said...

I hope Brad Miller will get better for the next playoffs.