Sunday, January 30, 2011

What do you think of people who use other's names?

Dave Ramsey was making $250,000 and had a net worth of over $500,000. He ended up losing everything though and had to start over. When this happened he educated himself on money and how to get out and stay out of debt. Since then he has become a respected author who has counseled literally millions on how to do the same.

On Sunday morning, a Colorado Springs Gazette blogger wrote an entry. This blogger makes more noise than your typical blogger, which makes since. He needs to speak loudly in order for people to pay attention to him.

He has his fun, saying all sorts of nonsensical things. And that's all fine.

But this blogger uses the name of "Dave Ramsey" instead of what his real name is. Guess his own name isn't quite good enough for this guy. And, I guess, in the land of free Colorado Springs, Gazette bloggers can say anything they want, even if this offends and saddens those who care about our great country and its great blogosphere.

Glad the real Dave Ramsey is not confused with and therefore his name is not polluted by whoever this Fake Dave Ramsey guy is. Guess Fake Dave Ramsey columns are just another one of those traditions the dying medium of newspaper clings to so fiercely.

What do you think of bloggers using the names of trusted and respected people?

Let me know.


Charlie Sheen said...

I think Dave Ramsey the blogger is BITCHN!

Shaun McAfee said...

thats called Trademark Infringement.

Rick said...

Im glad you stopped writing on this blog, because your posts were fucking lame and made me want to hit you in the face

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